About us


NGO Vesta is an organization, accredited by the Ministry of Justice with a licence №110/15.03.2010г. according to the Hague Convention on Protection of Childern and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoptions for USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Greece and Canada.


Our Mission

For over 15 years now we have been helping abandoned children to find permanent homes and loving families, we have been advocating for the rights of the children placed in institutions and their right to have a family and we have been supporting many humanitarian projects.

Since the beginning of our activity until now we helped many children to find their family and to grow feeling loved and happy, and the smiles we see on their faces are the biggest reward we can ever hope for.

We know well the adoption procedure, the needs of the children and the hardships they go through, the emotions the adoptive parents experience and we are ready to provide all the support needed to make the adoption process as easy as possible for everyone.

We are dedicated to our mission to help abandoned children and we deeply believe that every child needs the love and support that only the permanent family can give. Special need children and older children without parents take a special place in our hearts and for them we put special efforts, believing that somewhere their family is waiting for them. Learn more about our waiting child program.

We know that together we can change the lives of many children.


Our Team


Milena Georgieva

Chairperson and founder

Milena has Master’s Degree in Law and over 15 years of experience as a family law attorney.

Milena is the legal representative of the adoptive families in Court and active advocate for the children rights. Milena has been actively working during the years for the improvement of the childcare in Bulgaria, for the amendment of the Family Code and the secondary legislation and for the introduction of simplified procedure for adoption of special need children.

Petko Nikolaev

Administrative Director

Petko is parts of the Vesta's team since the very beginning and has a vast experience in intercountry adoptions. Petko speaks English and Italian and takes active part in the official, international meetings of Vesta with adoption agencies, representatives of Central Authorities and interested non-governmental organizations. Petko took part in the initiation and the development of the international programs of Vesta. He is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of the humanitarian projects.



Delyana Grogorova

Italy and Greece Program Manager

Delyana joined Vesta in 2006. Delyana is a teacher and she started working with children when she was at the University. Delyana puts extraordinary efforts on the waiting child program. She visits all special needs children for whom Vesta tried to find families and prepares additional and detailed reports about their development. Delyana speaks English and Italian.

Rositsa Marinova

USA and Spain Program Manager

Rositsa graduated Spanish Language and Literature and has Master’s Degree in International Relations. Rositsa takes active part in international conferences and meetings, where she presents the mission and the work of Vesta. She also works very hard on the waiting child program with the partner organizations of Vesta. She speaks Spanish and English.

Plamena Nikolova

Sweden and France Program Manager

Plamena has Bachelor’s Degree in Bulgarian Language and Literature and a teacher qualification. She finished her Master’s degree in visual arts in Finland. She speaks English, Italian and French. Plamena is the Program Manager for Sweden and France and works actively on the humanitarian projects of Vesta.


Tsveta Sapunova

Germany Program Manager

Tsveta speaks English, French, Japаnese and German languages. She has long social and work experience in Bulgarian and abroad. For two years she use to live and work in USA. Now Tsveta actively participates as Vesta representative during our families trips in Bulgaria and helping in their communication during the meetings with the children. 


Anelia Kuzeva


Anelia is an intern at Vesta and is currently studying Medicine. She speaks English and Italian language and helps with the administrative tasks, with the archiving and monitoring of the post-placement reporting schedule.