About us


NGO Vesta is an organization, accredited by the Ministry of Justice with a licence №110/15.03.2010г. according to the Hague Convention on Protection of Childern and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoptions for USA, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Greece and Canada.


Our Mission

For over 20 years now we have been helping abandoned children to find permanent homes and loving families, we have been advocating for the rights of the children placed in institutions and their right to have a family and we have been supporting many humanitarian projects.

Since the beginning of our activity until now we helped many children to find their family and to grow feeling loved and happy, and the smiles we see on their faces are the biggest reward we can ever hope for.

We know well the adoption procedure, the needs of the children and the hardships they go through, the emotions the adoptive parents experience and we are ready to provide all the support needed to make the adoption process as easy as possible for everyone.

We are dedicated to our mission to help abandoned children and we deeply believe that every child needs the love and support that only the permanent family can give. Special need children and older children without parents take a special place in our hearts and for them we put special efforts, believing that somewhere their family is waiting for them. Learn more about our waiting child program.

We know that together we can change the lives of many children.


Our Team


Milena Georgieva

Chairperson and founder

Milena has Master’s Degree in Law and over 15 years of experience as a family law attorney.

Milena is the legal representative of the adoptive families in Court and active advocate for the children rights. Milena has been actively working during the years for the improvement of the childcare in Bulgaria, for the amendment of the Family Code and the secondary legislation and for the introduction of simplified procedure for adoption of special need children.

Petko Nikolaev

Administrative Director

Petko is parts of the Vesta's team since the very beginning and has a vast experience in intercountry adoptions. Petko speaks English and Italian and takes active part in the official, international meetings of Vesta with adoption agencies, representatives of Central Authorities and interested non-governmental organizations. Petko took part in the initiation and the development of the international programs of Vesta. He is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of the humanitarian projects.



Delyana Grogorova

Italy  Program Manager

Delyana joined Vesta in 2006. Delyana is a teacher and she started working with children when she was at the University. Delyana puts extraordinary efforts on the waiting child program. She visits all special needs children for whom Vesta tried to find families and prepares additional and detailed reports about their development. Delyana speaks English and Italian.


Plamena Nikolova

USA and Italy Program Manager

Plamena has Bachelor’s Degree in Bulgarian Language and Literature and a teacher qualification. She finished her Master’s degree in visual arts in Finland. She speaks English, Italian and French. Plamena is the Program Manager for Sweden and France and works actively on the humanitarian projects of Vesta.


Anna Popova

France and Germany Program Manager

Anna speaks English, French and German languages. She has long expirience with our team since 2015. She is active traveler and she accompanies  our families in Bulgaria and during their meetings with the children. 



Simona Dimova

Program Coordinator for France

Simona graduated from a language school and is a recently active advocate of our families in France. It participates in the annual activity of the Association and in the coaching with our foreign partners. She is currently completing her higher medical education and helping her program for 'Waiting Children'.


Mirena Gugleva

Program Coordinator for Canada and Ireland

Mirena has graduated from Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology. It participates in the annual activity of the Association and in the coaching with our foreign partners as well as actively travels and accompanies families during their stay in the country.


Cristina Alexandrova

Program Coordinator for Spain

Christina graduated from Spanish Philology. He speaks English and Spanish. She works with Vesta from the end of 2015. taking an active part in the overall activity of the association on the territory of Bulgaria. From the beginning she has also participated in international meetings of the association.


Simona Hou

Program coordinator for Spain and the United States

Simona graduated from a computer science high school and then took a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography. She is in our team since 2015 and is a strong advocate of our prospective adopters from Spain and the United States.

Miroslava Petrova

"Waiting Children" Program Coordinator

Miroslava graduated in Psychology. She is ин our team in 2018. and is an active advocate of "waiting kids" in Bulgaria. It participates in daily communication with our partners and accompanies adoptive parents during their stay in the country.


Hristina Ivanova

Program Coordinator for Humanitarian Projects

Hristina is currently graduating from Portuguese Philology. She is an important part of our team and is engaged in day-to-day communication with institutions, accompanying traveling families, as well as participating in Vesta's humanitarian projects and donation campaigns.


Delyana Grogorova
Italien Programm Manager
Delyana kam 2006 zu Vesta. Delyana ist Lehrerin und hat an der Universität angefangen, mit Kindern zu arbeiten. Delyana bemüht sich außerordentlich um das wartende Kinderprogramm. Sie besucht alle Kinder mit besonderen Bedürfnissen, für die Vesta versucht hat, Familien zu finden, und erstellt zusätzliche und detaillierte Berichte über ihre Entwicklung. Delyana spricht Englisch und Italienisch.

Plamena Nikolova
USA und Italien Programm Manager
Plamena hat einen Bachelor-Abschluss in bulgarischer Sprache und Literatur sowie eine Lehrerqualifikation. Sie hat ihren Master in Bildender Kunst in Finnland abgeschlossen. Sie spricht Englisch, Italienisch und Französisch. Plamena ist Programmmanager für Schweden und Frankreich und arbeitet aktiv an den humanitären Projekten von Vesta.
Anna Popova
Frankreich und Deutschland Programm Manager
Anna spricht Englisch, Französisch und Deutsch. Sie hat langjährige Erfahrung mit unserem Team seit 2015. Sie ist eine aktive Reisende und begleitet unsere Familien in Bulgarien und bei ihren Treffen mit den Kindern.
Simona Dimova
Koordinator für Frankreich
Simona hat eine Sprachschule abgeschlossen und engagiert sich seit kurzem für unsere Familien in Frankreich. Es nimmt an der jährlichen Tätigkeit des Vereins und am Coaching mit unseren ausländischen Partnern teil. Sie schließt derzeit ihre medizinische Hochschulausbildung ab und hilft bei ihrem Programm für 'Waiting Children'.
Mirena Gugleva
Koordinator für Kanada und Irland
Mirena hat einen Abschluss in Philosophie, Pädagogik und Psychologie. Es nimmt an den jährlichen Aktivitäten des Vereins teil und coacht mit unseren ausländischen Partnern sowie reist und begleitet aktiv Familien während ihres Aufenthalts im Land.
Cristina Alexandrova
Koordinator für Spanien
Christina hat einen Abschluss in spanischer Philologie. Er spricht Englisch und Spanisch. Sie arbeitet seit Ende 2015 mit Vesta zusammen und nimmt aktiv an der Gesamtaktivität des Verbandes auf dem Territorium Bulgariens teil. Von Anfang an nahm sie auch an internationalen Treffen des Vereins teil.
Simona Hoy
Programmkoordinator für Spanien und die USA
Simona absolvierte ein Informatik-Gymnasium und machte anschließend einen Bachelor of Science in Geographie. Sie ist seit 2015 in unserem Team und eine starke Verfechterin unserer potenziellen Adoptiveltern aus Spanien und den USA.

Miroslav Petrov
Programmkoordinator "Warten auf Kinder"
Miroslava hat einen Abschluss in Psychologie. Sie ist 2018 in unserem Team und engagiert sich aktiv für "wartende Kinder" in Bulgarien. Es nimmt an der täglichen Kommunikation mit unseren Partnern teil und begleitet Adoptiveltern während ihres Aufenthalts im Land.

Hristina Ivanova
Koordinator für humanitäre Projekte
Hristina macht derzeit ihren Abschluss in Portugiesischer Philologie. Sie ist ein wichtiger Teil unseres Teams und engagiert sich in der täglichen Kommunikation mit Institutionen, begleitet reisende Familien und nimmt an den humanitären Projekten und Spendenaktionen von Vesta teil.