Art House

Many of the children placed in institutions might seem happy and content but the adults do not even suspect what they miss. One of the ways to find out what exactly are the emotional needs of children is the art therapy. Through art children can discover and further develop their potential and they will be given a chance to do what they like most, such as painting, molding and etc. Art work open doors to children for social interaction and gives the specialists an opportunity to work on the self respect of the children, on their openness and confidence to ask questions and find answers. The purpose of the Project is to open the eyes of the children for art, to provoke them and to encourage them to develop new skills and find new ways of thinking and expressing themselves. The hours they spend with cooks helps them touch the art of the Bulgarian cuisine; reading books helps them enrich their knowledge and phantasies; the plays absorb them in the beautiful world of the stage art. All of these activities help children express themselves in their own creative way. Thanks to All God's Children International, the Art House in the orphanage in Kaspichan was built.

Quick facts

  • Art therapy is relatively new therapeutic technique. This is a form of psychotherapy with art being the main means of communication;
  • Through art children can express their inner world and everything else children at this age cannot express with words;
  • Through the analysis of the paintings of the children, specialists can understand what are their individual needs, their interests, fears and internal conflicts;
  • Art therapy develops the talent and the intellect of children, provokes their curiosity towards the flora and fauna and helps them express themselves through art


  • A small kitchen corner was built as cooking is a perfect hobby for the children. The work in the kitchen gives them an opportunity to demonstrate proudly their results and to share them with the rest;
  • The music corner has a piano, accordion, guitar and etc. Children now have a chance to have music lessons, to sing and listen to the music;
  • A library was built where the children can read, talk and discuss books with their teacher. Here the local Cultural Center Probuda performs their plays for the children.
  • A corner for art activities was created for children who love to paint and do art work. The children use water colors, crayons, markers, paper and fabrics. The art exhibitions that they have help them develop their confidence and self-respect.