Children and us

The Project Children and us is a Project for creating a center for children and parents in the Orphanage for medical and social childcare services in the town of Russe, which Vesta supported. The target groups of the project are the children placed in the institution, as well as children, living with their families but with physical and mental challenges and chronic illnesses and adoptive parents. The purpose of the project is to increase the opportunities for socialization and integration of special needs children in the society; to teach the adoptive parents about the proper ways for upbringing the children according to their age and to introduce contemporary methods for prevention and promotion of mental and physical health of children with problems in their development that are placed in institutions.

Quick facts

  • In the Orphanage for medical and social childcare services in the town of Russe are placed children between 0 and 7 years of age. All the children above the age of three have special needs;
  • The society doesn't have a lot of information on the children with special needs;


  • Educational campaign was conducted under the project on the needs and the problems children have;
  • A data base with children that will be visiting the Center and their specific needs was developed
  • Play Center was created where art and music therapy services are offered to children. The Center also have a room for physical and motor development room with musical instruments, sport equipment, room for relaxation and others.
  • The Center provides trainings to parents, that have adopted a child and to prospective adoptive parents
  • The Orphanage in Russe is already well established center for rehabilitation of children with illnesses and disabilities