We have two biological daughters, nine and seven years old. When people learn that our son is adopted they usually ask if our daughters are also adopted. There seems to be a common assumption that people only adopted when they cannot have children of their own. But this was not the case for us. Though we had our own children we felt like our family was incomplete. Our Christian faith also informed us of our responsibility to take care of the weak and helpless of the world. Accordingly, adoption seemed to be the right option for us.

Once orphans age out of the orphanage they usually have no skills, and end up on drugs, prostituting themselves, begging, living a life of crime or taking their own lives. What is more important, the material things of the world or making a difference in the life of an innocent child who otherwise has no hope? The choice was clear for us.

Why Bulgaria? We chose to adopt from Bulgaria because the adoption timeline and procedure was the best for our family. There are two short trips and more younger children are available compared to other countries. The medicals are also more trustworthy. We were fortunate to work with an American agency that partnered with VESTA. We found VESTA very knowledgeable on how adoptions work in Bulgaria. VESTA believes in helping ALL children find a family, whether they are healthy or have special medical needs. Each child deserves a loving family, to nurture them. To help them develop into a productive citizen who contributes to society.

VESTA sent us photo’s of our son during our long wait between trip one and trip two. They helped us send our son a birthday gift on his birthday. Our in country translator was excellent. From meeting us at the airport and making arrangements for our stay for the week to exchanging currency and setting up our appointments with the US Embassy and doctors. We felt well taken care of, safe and they were always a phone call away if we needed them in country.

Our son has now been home for a year and a half. While coming home a bit scared, he is now a well-adjusted, happy typical four year old boy. He loves trains, playing soccer and learning his letters and numbers. He loves his sisters and is a joy to all who know him. He often tells us ‘ I love my home’ and ‘ I love my family.’ Thank you Bulgaria and VESTA for our son.