In 2012, our family received the most priceless gift we could ever be given. We welcomed home our 7th child from Bulgaria in June of this year and she is truly a gift and a treasure to our family. In January of this year, we travelled to Shumen for the first time to me our precious Lili. With 6 anxious brothers and sisters at home, we returned after a life changing meeting with Lili. As we anxiously awaited her joining our family, each member of our family prepared for Lili in their own way. Now, Lili is "one of us" in every way. She was joyfully welcomed and she has to make sure we know daily how much she loves us. Often times people will remark that our adopted children are "lucky", but we are the lucky ones. There is nothing on this earth that can compare to the blessing of a child and the more you have, the more joy you feel. Love cannot be divided, but rather multiplies in a way that makes us all more beautiful. Bulgaria is a truly beautiful nation and the people are some of the most hospitable and caring I have ever met. I cannot wait until I return someday to celebrate the amazing country of Lili's birth. Thank you, Vesta, for your sincere dedication to the children of Bulgaria and your tireless efforts to make sure every child has the opportunity to live with the love of a family.