" I want to be..."

The project is orientated towards the older children placed in institutions in Bulgaria who  are supposed to leave the only place they knew so far and start living on their own, in most of the cases without to be able to rely on relatives, parents or other supporting community. 

The children deprived of parental car in Bulgaria are still many. Big part of them had lived for long time in the institutions and the group homes and in front of them there is the necessity to do everything on their own, while going through all the challenges in finding a job, home, new social environment ecc.

Some of the new group homes were founded tofacilitate children and adults with age range over 20 years in order they to be prepared in adequate way for the time where they will leave the institution and start living on their own.

We all know that for many young people sometimes it is difficult to get professional orientation and to find a job. For the children deprived of parental care this is really big challenge and that is why our appeal is to unite our efforts  and to help them in this not very easy initiative to build their own life style.

Our project collects funds for specific institutions that in written that declared their desire and readiness to  participate. Thanks to the directors of the institutionsthe children will be able to take part in different courses which will be organized in the same town or in the bigger town close to their orphanage. The professional course will vary depends on the location where the institution is situated but still the majority of them are orientated in the most common jobs: cooks, hairdressers, masseurs, manicurists, cab drivers, drivers of agriculture machines ecc.  The children suitable for this courses will be in the age range over 15 years.

The main purpose of these occupational courses is to help the older children to develop and profound their interest in activities they feel they will be good in and to have the chance to find their own place in the working world once they need to leave the institution which was their home. 

Quick facts:

The average price for course in cooking is around 500 BGN/250 EUR

The average price for course in waitressing/bartender/valet and maid is around 320 BGN/160 EUR

The average price for course in hairdressing is around 450 BGN/225 EUR

The average price for course in massages is around 450 BGN/225 EUR

The average price for course in manicure, nail care and acrylic nails is around 450 BGN/225 EUR

The average price for course in driving is around 700 BGN/350 EUR