Integra – Day Center in the Orphanage for medical and social child care in the town of Varna

In February of 2004, Vesta in cooperation with Il Mantelo Association, Italy developed and submitted for approval to the Italian authorities, a draft for a Day Care Center at the Orphanage for medical and social child care services in Varna. Due to the funds, raised under the Project, a specialized center for special needs children was created. The Center has physical therapists, speech therapists and other professionals that provide specialized medical care to spacial needs children, placed in the orphanage and children that live with their families.

Quick facts

  • Center Integra at the orphanage is aimed at serving children from 0 to 7 with physical disabilities, both with and without cognitive delays;
  • The Center provides alternative child care for few hours a day for children for all children with disabilities referred to the Center by the local Agency for Social Support, Department for Child Protection;
  • The ultimate goal of the project is to help the socialization and integration of the children with disabilities in the society.


  • The unit for children with disabilities and the room for physical and motor development were expanded and renovated;
  • Specialized medical equipment was purchased for treatment and rehabilitation of children, including an oxygen system;
  • The orphanage staff underwent a specialized training to provide even better service to children, parents and prospective adoptive parents;
  • The expansion and the modernization allowed for the number of children to be increased and currently more children in need receive specialized care and more children can be placed in the institution;
  • Many children from Varna and the region are being successfully treated and then sent back to their birth families.