It was love at first sight. The first time I saw Medko's picture it was late at night and an email came from our agency. I looked at his sweet face and ran upstairs to wake my husband. He saw his picture and read his file and we immediately started emailing and leaving messages for our agency. Our first trip to Bulgaria was wonderful and heart wrenching. We loved the country and especially loved our in- country guide. He made the 7 hour, one way trip to Medko fly by. We talked the whole ride and learned so much about the country. We even rescued a turtle from the busy road. We spent one week with Medko and leaving him was one of the hardest things we have ever done. We walked out of the orphanage with tears in our eyes, listening to him screaming and crying behind us. Magic had happened in just one week. Medko knew we were his mommy and daddy and could not understand why we were leaving him. We waited 4 months to have him back in our arms. We brought Medko home in 2010 saying no English and very few Bulgarian words. He is now a excited kindergartener who enjoys learning and playing with his classmates.