Shunt for Life

Shunt for Life is one of the first projects of Vesta and a project that we never stopped working on. Under this project we manage to provide the shunts for the operations of children with Hydrocephalus. The humanitarian help under the project is aimed at abandoned or orphaned children who have Hydrocephalus. The timely surgical intervention gives the children with this condition a chance to have a normal life.

Quick facts

  • Hydrocephalus is a brain condition which occurs when cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) — the clear, water-like fluid that surrounds and cushions the brain and spinal cord — is unable to drain from the brain. It then pools, causing a backup of fluid in the skull;
  • The operations and the consumables needed for the operations of children, placed in institutions are not covered by the National Health Insurance Fund;
  • Often the only chance to safe the life of these children is through raising funds for purchasing the shunts and consumables needed for the operations


As a result of the Shunt of Life project, more than 10 operations of children, deprived of parental care and placed in institutions for children from 0 to 3. Some of these children found their families and are now having a happy and normal life in a supporting family and social environment.

"The Shunt for Life Project has a deep and abiding meaning in our lives as our daughter Mattea is one of the beautiful children whose life has been blessed by this project. Mattea was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus when she and her twin, Aleah, were born in 2002. Through the financial and time commitments of the Project, Mattea received a shunt at three months of age. She is a bright, talkative, initiative, developmentally „on target“, beautiful two years old as the result of the surgical intervention provided by funds available through Shunt for Life. We have once again been blessed by the care of these amazing people and their determination to provide an opportunity for all the children to meet their highest level of potential...and this time our daughter has been given the gift. We will be forever grateful“

Kay Montes, adoptive mother of Mattea and Aleah

Mattea and Aleah were adopted in 2003 from Bulgaria.