Space for children and families

The Project Space for children and families was a project for renovation and building of a separate structural unit at the Orphanage for medical and social childcare services in the town of Yambol. The separate unit is a place where children can meet with their biological parents or with their adoptive parents. Vesta co financed the renovation of the facilities and now families can meet their children in a nice and cozy atmosphere.

Quick facts

  • The head of the department and the social worker are in charge with the scheduling of the meeting between the children, placed in the institution and their biological parents;
  • The days and the hour of the meeting once set do not change in order to make it easier for the child to be prepared by the teachers and caregivers
  • Meetings between children and their prospective adoptive parents are also held here. Teachers and social workers are also present during the first meeting to provide the guidance and assistance needed.


The Center was created in 2001 and continues to exist nowadays. As a continuation of the project Vesta financed also the building of a playground for the children.