There was one time an unborn child in Paradise waiting for his family. He was constantly watching the angels, who would come and bring their little friends and when his turn came, a confused and absent minded angel came and took him to the belly of the wrong woman. 

Meanwhile his mommy and daddy were starting to get desperate from asking themselves where there baby is and started looking for him...

After four years of searching, the mother and father got a phone call and they were told that their boy is found and they immediately started working for getting the family together.

On first of November 2011, at the bottom of a long hallway, mommy and daddy found their little son, bough to them by a big woman.



Since February of 2012, Giorgio is finally home and we can tell that he is a wonderful child: sunny and happy.

He has integrated perfectly in our home and he plays and interacts with his brother as if they have been always if that angel never got confused.