Timely help

Timely help is one of Vesta's ongoing projects. The project is aimed at providing timely help to children with special medical needs. The projects makes it possible to provide for medical consultations, treatment, individual care for children with health problems, and specialized care for improvement of their psychological development, social integration and personal realization. 

Quick facts

  • The Bulgarian health insurance fund doesn't cover for the prophylaxis and the treatment of various illnesses as well as for the provision of consumables for urgent surgical interventions
  • Urgent medical intervention, additional tests and treatment in some cases can be life saving;
  • The funds raised under this project allow us to quickly respond to the requests of orphanage directors to cover necessary medical treatment and care of children;
  • Under this project we hire additional staff in orphanages to take care of children with medical conditions that need specialized care and attention.


Under the Timely Help Project, specialized medical care and treatment was provided to more than 30 children and more than 10 employees were temporarily hired to take care additional for children who needed it.