World inside of me

Vesta too active part in developing and financing the project World inside of me. The project was aimed at the social integration of children placed in the orphanage for children from 0-3 in the town of Russe. 

The goal of the project is to introduce the children to the social environment through suitable for their age activities and to present to them the social values and to give them an opportunity to openly and freely express their feelings and emotions. It also aims at building social skills through providing social contacts for successful integration in the society.

Quick facts

  • Children placed in institutions for children from 0-3 receive good medical care but they do not grow in an environment that helps their development and social skills;
  • Children rarely go outside the orphanage and they have no idea about the social environment and have no skills to communicate


In course of one year, 50 children at the age of 2 and 3, placed at the orphanage were regularly taken outdoors to parks, sweet shops, entertainment complex at the port in the town Rousse. As a part of the activities for socialization, the children visited pharmacies, train station, airport, fast food restaurant, puppet shows and others. In order to improve their skills for socialization and cooperation, some of the children visited the local school, spent some time at the homes of orphanage staff and 16 were taken to spend summer vacation in Balchik, situated at the Black Sea Coast.